Super Edge-Magic Labeling of Some Fan Graphs

Wannaporn Sanprasert, Ngarmcherd Danpattanamongkon
For a graph G(V, E) with p vertices and q edges, a bijective function f from V (G)∪E(G) to {1, 2, ..., p+q} is called a super edge-magic labeling of G if f (V (G)) = {1, 2, ..., p} and there exists a constant k such that for any edge uv of G, f (u) + f (v) + f (uv) = k. A graph G is called super edge-magic if there exists a suber edge-magic labeling of G. In this paper, we shows that the fan graph Fn,2 and mFn,2 is a super edge-magic where n is a positive integer, m positive odd number and m ≥ 3.
more » ... odd number and m ≥ 3.