Rapid identification of Brucella sepsis/osteomyelitis in a 6-year old febrile patient with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry directly from positive blood culture: a case report

Junfei Guo, Weiming Lai, Biting Li, Lingling Tang, Yongbing Wu, Yasha Luo, Chengyi Liu, Weiming Lu, Xiaoping Mu
2019 BMC Infectious Diseases  
Brucella is high-consequence pathogen and one of the most common seen laboratory-acquired infection pathogens. Quick and accurate detection of the pathogen will be of great important to reducing laboratory-acquired infection. Traditional biomedical reaction based method is time consumption, and mass spectrometry based method greatly reduces time consumption in pathogen identification. In the case presented here, we shared our experience in identification of Brucella directly from positive blood
more » ... from positive blood culture with mass spectrometry based method. Case presentation: The patient is a 6-year boy with a history of three weeks fever accompanied with sweating and a pain at right patella. The patient also has a history of thalassemia and blood transfusion was performed previously admitted to our hospital. Two bottles of marrow culture and one bottle of blood culture were positive, and direct mass spectrometry from positive culture material revealed Brucella infection within 1 h. Conclusion: Clinical characters and laboratory findings of the patient presented here might help clinician in nonendemic region to made suspected brucellosis diagnose. Our experience in rapid identification of Brucella from positive blood culture with MALDI-TOF SP could help preventing laboratory-acquired infection of Brucella.
doi:10.1186/s12879-019-3864-z fatcat:xuwdtrkaqvdkroh5zme27rxsju