Andrei Keino
2019 Figshare  
Abstract—The article presents problems related to vibrationdiagnostics in reciprocating compressors. This paper presentsthe evaluation of several techniques of the digital signal processing,such as the spectrum calculation with the Discrete FourierTransform (DFT), Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT), SegmentedAnalysis for detection the spring failure in reciprocatingcompressor valve with the help of the vibration monitoring. Theexperimental investigation to collect the data from the
more » ... om the compressorwith both the faultless valve and the valve with springfailure was conducted. Three 112DV1 vibration accelerationprobes manufactured by TIK were mounted on the cylinderof the compressor. The keyphasor probe was mounted on thecompressor's flywheel. The signal of the vibration accelerationprobe mounted on the top of the cylinder was used for theCondition Monitoring and Fault Detection of the valve. TheTIK-RVM system of monitoring and data acquisition was usedfor gathering the signal samples from the probes. The samplingfrequency was 30193.5 Hz, signal length was 65535 samples. Toimitate the spring fault, the exhaust valve spring was replaced bythe shortened one with the same stiffness. As it can be seen fromthe signal processing results in the article, the techniques usedare showing quite different results for the cases of the normalvalve spring and the short one. It seems what for this type ofthe compressor and valve, the valve spring failure can be quitereliably detected with the help of the vibration monitoring. Tosee if this is a case for other compressor types and other valvetypes, the additional experiments are needed.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7745330 fatcat:kctmgwewvbacnfloi2yis4voym