User Evaluation and Metrics Analysis of a Prototype Web-Based Federated Search Engine for Art and Cultural Heritage

Minas Pergantis, Iraklis Varlamis, Andreas Giannakoulopoulos
2022 Information  
Content and metadata concerning a specialized field such as Art and Cultural Heritage are often scattered throughout the World Wide Web, making it hard for end-users to find, especially amid the vast and often commercialized general content of the Web. This paper presents the process of designing and developing a Federated Search Engine (FSE) that collects such content from multiple credible sources of the world of Art and Culture and presents it to the user in a unified user-oriented manner,
more » ... hancing it with added functionality. The study focuses on the challenges such an endeavor presents and the technological tools, design decisions and methodology that lead to a fully functional, Web-based platform. This implemented search engine was evaluated by a group of stakeholders from the wider fields of art, culture and media during a closed test and the insights and feedback gained by these tests are herein analyzed and presented. These insights contain both the quantitative metrics of user engagement during the testing period and the qualitative information presented by the stakeholders through interviews. The above findings are thoroughly discussed and lead to conclusions regarding the usefulness and viability of Web applications in the aggregation and diffusion of Art and Cultural Heritage related content.
doi:10.3390/info13060285 fatcat:gyesmln7wverlo3syu4i5mjaku