Some male fructifications of glossopteridales

K.R. Surange, Shaila Chandra
1972 Journal of Palaeosciences  
A long, slender, stalked cylindrical male fructification, described earlier by Surange (1957), has been named here as Kendostrobus cylindricus gen. et sp. nov. 4-5 sporangia are arranged in whorls and these whorls are borne in close spirals on the cone axis. Its monolete, striped spores are named Kendosporites. A new species of Eretmonia, E. ovata, another male fructification, is also described. It is shown that in Eretmonia, as in Glossotheca, the sporangia are carried on the ultimate branches of a dichotomizing branch system.
doi:10.54991/jop.1972.1489 fatcat:hpmvnmoqm5ck3dw7a3uyw6cel4