Efeito do teor metálico em catalisadores Co/Al2O3 aplicados à reação de reforma a vapor de etanol

Rudye K. S. Santos, Marcelo S. Batista, Elisabete M. Assaf, José M. Assaf
2005 Química Nova  
Recebido em 19/3/04; aceito em 24/11/04; publicado na web em 13/4/05 EFFECT OF METAL LOAD IN Co/Al 2 O 3 CATALYSTS FOR ETHANOL STEAM REFORMING. The development of cobalt catalysts to produce hydrogen from ethanol is the goal of this investigation. Co/Al 2 O 3 catalysts were prepared by impregnation and characterized by atomic absorption, nitrogen adsorption, X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, temperature programmed reduction and carbon analysis. The catalysts contained Co 3 O 4 oxide and Co
more » ... 3 O 4 oxide and Co 3+ and Co 2+ species interacting with alumina. The cobalt load affects the crystal size and the crystalline structure and higher Co loads influence the reaction mechanism, changing the selectivity of the catalysts, decreasing the amount of CO produced and avoiding the formation of products catalyzed by the support. The ethanol conversion was 50-70% with 10-<1% of CO in the hydrogen.
doi:10.1590/s0100-40422005000400006 fatcat:zgeosge2jbfzvginnbnahhyd5a