Functional Aspects of Emotive-Causative Categorical Semantic Complex

Siutkina Nadezhda Pavlovna, Siutkina Nadezhda Pavlovna
2021 Issledovatel skiy zhurnal russkogo yazyka i literatury  
The authors of the article focus on causative verbs that actualize emotional modification and the emotionally-causative categorical semantic complex that arises during the functioning of these verbs. The categorical semantic complex is considered as the result of intercategory interaction. The purpose of the article is to describe the above complex and its functional features, the object of analysis is a synthetic and analytical emotive causative, and their functional features. The subject of
more » ... s. The subject of the study is the categorical situation of causation of emotional modification. It is dominant in utterance with emotive causation, but not the only one. For an emotionally causative categorical semantic complex, intercategory interaction with categories of intensity, expressiveness, and talkativeness becomes typical. Verbs of the Russian language, identified from explanatory and synonymous dictionaries, serve as material for the study. The article concludes that the main content of the emotionally-causative categorical semantic complex is the actualization of the positive or negative modification of the emotional state of the object of causation. A categorical semantic complex can include its semantic space and other semantic categories that are subordinate to the corresponding complexes in this category.
doi:10.52547/iarll.17.127 fatcat:2qxca7vwjban7gqnidwvsbpw5y