How we see

Richard Andersen
2008 IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine  
The visual world is imaged on the retinas of our eyes. However, "1seeing"' is not a result of neural functions within the eyes but rather a result of what the brain does with those images. Our visual perceptions are produced by parts of the cerebral cortex dedicated to vision. Although our visual awareness appears unitary, different parts of the cortex analyze color, shape, motion, and depth information. There are also special mechanisms for visual attention, spatial awareness, and the control
more » ... s, and the control of actions under visual guidance. Often lesions from stroke or other neurological diseases will impair one of these subsystems, leading to unusual deficits such as the inability to recognize faces, the loss of awareness of half of visual space, or the inability to see motion or color.
doi:10.1109/maes.2008.4607795 fatcat:iogz7be6enhbvjd5owvwt7stha