Magnetocaloric properties of metallic nanostructures

Khurram S. Khattak, Amir Aslani, Chidubem A. Nwokoye, Abid Siddique, Lawrence H. Bennett, Edward Della Torre, Eileen Harkin-Jones
2015 Cogent Engineering  
A compilation of magnetocaloric properties of metallic nanostructures with Curie temperature (T C ) between 260 and 340 K has been tabulated. The tabulated data show that nanostructure plays an important role in enhancing the magnetocaloric properties of a material, namely by reducing the peak of magnetic entropy, but broadening of the magnetocaloric effect curve with an average of 10 K sliding window for Curie temperature. A second table lists all bulk metallic and intermetallic materials, in
more » ... llic materials, in which there is no nanostructural data, with an entropy change of at least 20 J/kg K and a Curie temperature between 260 and 340 K. We propose that further experiments should be made on the nanostructured form of these materials.
doi:10.1080/23311916.2015.1050324 fatcat:yh77bckysng37aortzwyzaxbri