Bi-chromatic measurement of thermal fields induced by friction

E. Berté, J-F. Witz, X. Boidin, Y. Desplanques, P. Dufrenoy
2014 Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography   unpublished
This study is concerned with a thermal analysis of a braking disc surface for a better understanding of the phenomenas occurring during friction. To discriminate thermal and physico-chemical phenomena, measurements of temperature and emissivity fields are essential during a braking test. This measurement is performed based on a bichromatic thermography technique using two Infrared cameras. To follow the evolution of those phenomenas, the cameras are used to observe the same area of the disc
more » ... ng its deceleration, with a synchronization system . The bichromatic full-field measurements with any technique developed has been produced on a braking test. The results allow a better characterization of the braking. 1. http://dx.
doi:10.21611/qirt.2014.224 fatcat:c7ybks75m5cgzeoaz77h4wzqju