Study on the role of identity-oriented actors in the Syrian crisis

Seyed Ali, Asghar Kazemi, Phd Noushin, Mirzaee Jegarlouii
Recent developments in Arab countries have provided new opportunities and possibilities for the transformation of the political climate, security and change the balance of power in the region. Since the beginning of 2011, the Middle East has witnessed major developments and serious changes. The main changes resulting from the Arab Spring in the Middle East can be "crisis development" in the region. Different approaches have been presented on the reason of the crisis in the Middle East,
more » ... ddle East, especially political and security developments in Syria. By 2011, signs of civil disobedience and political upheaval in the Middle East have been observed on the agenda of planners. From 2011 onward, identity components provided the context for civil disobedience radicalization and thus social violence has been formed in the form of security policy of radicalized groups.