Study of hole-type gas multiplication structures for portal imaging and other high count rate applications

J. Ostling, A. Brahme, M. Danielsson, T. Francke, C. Iacobaeus, V. Peskov
2003 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
We performed studies in the operation of various hole-type gaseous multiplication structures (GEM, capillary plates, and others) at very high fluxes of X-rays ( 60 keVbremsstrahlung) and pulsed gamma radiation ( 50 MeVbremsstrahlung). In the case of X-rays, the counting rate was 10 5 -10 6 Hz mm 2 ; in the case of gammas it reached levels of up to 10 9 Hz mm 2 during the pulses. In most measurements, the entire area of the detector was exposed to these extremely high fluxes. Results obtained so
more » ... Results obtained so far indicate that the GEM and the hydrogen-treated capillary plates could be successfully used in medical imaging applications.
doi:10.1109/tns.2003.814562 fatcat:kt446ww7qbcqtgtcqpuszutqxu