Styles or Cultural Background does Influence the Colors of Virtual Reality Games?

2014 Acta Polytechnica Hungarica  
Illustrated color of known objects in Virtual Reality (VR) games for various games exhibit characteristic differences. In the first part of our analysis we studied the cartoons' colors, with a great emphasis on whether there are any cultural differences. Coloration of well-known objects depicted in cartoons originating from different parts of the world show characteristic differences. We analyzed several soft-copy and hard-copy cartoons form all over the world and determined what colors the
more » ... gner use for complexion, sky, water, soil, etc. We continued with the study of VR games' colors. We analyzed eight game categories' colors and determined which colors the designer used for skin, sky, water, grass, etc. These colors were compared with the prototypical memory colors and cartoon colors of these objects. The research quantifies these differences and provides advice to the VR games to be tinted, if they are intended for a specific region of the world and specific VR games. In the second phase of the research such images of films, which were the equivalent of VR games are analyzed. The staining of these films were compared to the corresponding color of VR games and memory color display object.
doi:10.12700/aph.11.01.2014.01.7 fatcat:pnklkyvx7ffuvn2vvzpvmaftsa