Vijaya Rudraraju
2016 International Research Journal of Management and Commerce (IRJMC)   unpublished
The article is based on a study conducted on 150 female managers in Saudi Arabia selected through stratified sampling choosing 50 from lower, middle and higher managerial cadres. It was done with the objective of analyzing their job satisfaction levels. The study was based on six attributes of job satisfaction which include Remuneration, Autonomy & Freedom, Opportunities for Advancement, Work load & Stress levels, Relationships with Superiors/ Subordinates and Working conditions & Resources.
more » ... ons & Resources. Data related to their demographic characteristics was collected and analyzed to know their socioeconomic profile. The job satisfaction levels with the six attributes and their overall satisfaction were measured. In addition chi square interpretation was done to identify if the level of satisfaction and the overall satisfaction varied with respect to their hierarchy levels. The analyzed information highlighted that the female managers gave first priority to autonomy and freedom followed by the work load and stress levels on the job. Remuneration was last in the list. Further the levels of job satisfaction did not vary with their hierarchy levels. However the attributes with which they were satisfied and dissatisfied varied with their hierarchy.