Publishing and printing business in context development of modern education

2019 Zenodo  
The subject of research is theoretical and methodological foundations of the process of development of publishing and printing business in the context of the development of modern Ukrainian education. The purpose of the study is to study publishing and printing business in the context of the development of modern Ukrainian education. Research methods. During the writing of the article, a set of scientific methods and approaches, including systemic, structural, comparative, factorial, was used,
more » ... ctorial, was used, which made it possible to realize the conceptual unity of the research. Results of work. Conclusions have been made, namely that an extremely important step in the publishing industry is to ensure the replenishment of working capital and to find investors (sponsors) from other areas of business and through their investment in the Ukrainian book. The peculiarities of realization of the Ukrainian publishing and printing business of Ukraine and the search for methods of improvement are determined. It has been proved that irrespective of eco– nomic negapazdy, y cyclopiltsvi icnye steadily high demand of na dobpotny ykpaainckiy books: To satisfy this demand is not given so much through the high prices of the book, as much because of its geo– generous disadvantage. Nahalnu investigated potpebu y ctvopenni, under ehidoyu depzhavnyx bodies potyzhnoyi dyctpybytopckoyi mepezhi, yaka be davala mozhlyvict «ppocynyty» byd–yake ykpayincke vydannya – from ctolychnoho or oblacnoho vydavnytstva – y velyki and mali naceleni pynkty kpayiny. Area of application of results. Education, printing, printing, management, printing company management, strategic management. Conclusions. Thus, the main condition for improving the activity of the publishing sphere in Ukraine is the introduction of systematic foundations in the publishing and printing sphere for the formation of the national information space of modern Ukraine.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3564327 fatcat:nwj26rza7zg65pvsgq4ihls7ga