The Dimensional Measurement of Rocks Using Laser Spots and Digital Images. Fundamental study of vision system for exploitation machines
レーザースポットと画像を用いた岩石の3次元形状計測 開発機械のビジョンシステムに関する基礎的研究

Hiroki ITO, Hiroshi TAKAHASHI, Tadashi MASUYAMA
1994 Shigen-to-Sozai  
This paper is concerned with the stereo vision system with using laser spots and image processing. The most significant problem in the stereo vision system is to determine the correspoinding points in different images. As it is very difficult to determine the corresponding points uniquely, laser spots were used in this study to make the constrained corresponding points, and images were divided into some sections. The previous correlative method was applied in each section to reconstruct the
more » ... e of the object. It was confirmed that this method can reduce the mismatching points and the processing time.
doi:10.2473/shigentosozai.110.505 fatcat:tc6m7j4fpbcmhhj4kejaide7cm