Lunar Exploration Employing a Quadruped Robot on the Fault of the Rupes Recta for Investigating the Geological Formation History of the Mare Nubium
4족 보행 로봇을 활용한 달의 직선절벽(Rupes Recta)의 단층면 탐사를 통한 구름의 바다(Mare Nubium) 지역의 지질학적 형성 연구

Ik-Seon Hong, Yu Yi, Gwanghyeok Ju
2021 Journal of Space Technology and Applications  
On the moon as well as the earth, one of the easiest ways to understand geological formation history of any region is to observe the stratigraphy if it is available, the order in which the strata build up. By analyzing stratigraphy, it is possible to infer what geological events have occurred in the past. Mare Nubium also has an unique normal fault called Rupes Recta that shows stratigraphy. However, a rover moving with wheels is incompetent to explore the cliff since the Rupes Recta has an
more » ... ination of 10° -30°. Therefore, a quadruped walking robot must be employed for stable expedition. To exploration a fault with a four-legged walking robot, it is necessary to design an expedition route by taking account of whether the stratigraphy is well displayed, whether the slope of the terrain is moderate, and whether there are obstacles and rough texture in the terrain based on the remote sensing data from the previous lunar missions. For the payloads 논문
doi:10.52912/jsta.2021.1.1.64 fatcat:iwim2glyvfh75cjj4hz4diic6m