Metathesis and Reanalysis in Ket

Edward Vajda
2010 Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society  
In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt:This article identifies cases where metathesis and reanalysis have left idiosyncratic changes in the morphology of Ket, a critically endangered language of Central Siberia. The analysis reflects ongoing work compiling The Etymological Dictionary of the Yeniseian Languages (Vajda and Werner, in preparation). With fewer than 100 speakers, Ket is the last surviving member of the Yeniseian family and genetically isolated in North Asia. Internal
more » ... ia. Internal comparative data from three of Ket's vanished southern relatives, Yugh, Kott, and Assan, along with external comparison with the distantly related Na-Dene family of North America (Vajda 2010), also appear in the article.
doi:10.3765/bls.v36i1.3930 fatcat:ocba2modfncv3jiwxmractvhfq