the creative class

Konstantin Lidin
The word "precariat" is derived from the Latin "precarium" (unreliable, unstable). Creative professions have always been insecure, and in the era of the precariat they finally lose all social guarantees. As it is said, anyone can hurt an artist's feelings. On the other hand, sociologists affirm that the role of the creative class keeps on growing, and the presence of creative professionals is a "growth hormone" necessary for development of cities. How will these contradictory trends influence
more » ... trends influence the development of the architectural profession? Many historians and theoreticians of architecture are rather pessimistic about it and speak about the degeneration, the death of the profession, and so on. While others think that today's crisis will bring not only new challenges, but also new opportunities for future generations of architects. Who will prove to be more right?
doi:10.7480/projectbaikal.57.1373 fatcat:66m62yhr5vfq5hslrrlcsw3tlq