On a Peculiar Distributionof Vein in Leavesof the Natural Order Umbelliferå

John Gorham
1868 Transactions of The Microscopical Society & Journal  
Natural Order UMBELLIFERA By JOXR GORKAM, M,R.CS., &c. (Communicated by J a r s l3000, F.L.S., Hon, 8ec. Roy. Mio. Soc.) (Read N,'f"n;th, 1867.) SOMF. short time since I waa induced to examine the mode of distribution of the veine in the leavee of that extensive and difficult family belonging to the natural order Umbellifem. DifEcult and distasteful as this order had always heretofore sppeared to me, notwithstanding; the charm with which its claatdication had been invested by the beauty and
more » ... the beauty and symme% of the sections of its points (pencarpa), it was not long be re f wria induced to alter my opinion, for, 88 leaf after leaf came under review, a fieehness, a character, an individuality, seemed to q r i q up and portra itaelf in each ; mined I was almost constrained to admit, not on1 that my were really very beautiful, but, further, that it was sufficient merely to mvestigate this particular portion (venation) of the lant in order to determine its species-a conclusion which, 80 fu BR my present experience will permit me to decide, I do not feel disposed to m o w , and less to forego. Before proceeding to the immediate subject of this paper * See mounted specimeus.
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