Identity, Aesthetic and Ionic Values of Atrium: Reflecting Role in Architecture

Ar Saxena, Anupama Sharma
2017 unpublished
Global warming and constant depletion of resources shows needs to reduce energy consumption, however energy used for thermal comfort of buildings remains important; even in well-designed atriums. Atrium has become a strong feature in entertainment urban centers among which Bhopal (M P) is remarkable example. It has got organized development with Indian organized retail which is likely to grow at the rate of 25-30%. Our city is served with famed local atrium buildings, which are reviewed to give
more » ... a stronger picture on application of atrium building design. The occurrence of atrium was found 3000 BC in Mesopotamia and later found as central courtyard in Roman and Greek houses. This paper discuss about benefits and disadvantages of atrium that could be clearly acknowledged in architectural, environmental and economic features due to continuous development with changing scenario respectively. Furthermore, building with atrium, fire safety problem is more serious, since human life is involve so, due consideration should be given to smoke discharge systems from the atrium to the outside, the reason being atrium space and the nearby spaces differ in terms of size, usage, number of occupants and their activities. Safety target of the building is also studied by predicting what types of fires may occur and their possible effect on people, reason being unplanned design can give certain adverse effects for which further views are needed to ensure fire safety and safeguard human life.