Prototype Design And Implementation Of Li-Fi Technology For Industrial Robot System

Aishwarya Tambat, Pallavi Gaikwad
2016 unpublished
Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a technology which is very similar to the fiber optics communication where the data is transmitted through a Laser that varies at a higher intensity that which cannot be recognized by human eye. This technology uses Laser for transmission and optocoupler for reception. Laser can toggle on and off very quickly where binary "1" is sent when Laser is ON and "0" is when Laser is OFF. Data can be encoded by varying the flicker rate of the Laser. Human eye cannot recognize
more » ... e rate at which Laser changes the state from ON to OFF therefore the output appears constant. Light frequency can be altered by encoding different data channels by using red, green and blue Laser's which gives maximum speed of 10 Gbps. Due to use of light, Li-Fi can be employed successfully undersea where Wi-Fi cannot reach. It can also be used in applications which are likely to be interfered by the radio waves. Aircrafts, hospitals and military operations are the main applications where Li-Fi can be helpful. Here we are using Laser's for Transmission & Photodiodes for receiving the signals. The received signals are then given to Microcontroller, so that further movement of robot is obtained.