Detection of erroneous values in the measurement of local geodetic networks

Gabriel Weiss, Slavomír Labant, Erik Weiss, Ladislav Mixtaj
2010 Acta Montanistica Slovaca Ročník   unpublished
For processing the results of local geodetic network (LGN) measurement with possible erroneous values and coordinates: d (slope distances between the points), ω (horizontal angles), z (zenith distances). DB DB Y X C ] , [ = (coordinates of the datum points), UB UB Y X C ] , [ 0 0 0 = (coordinates of approximately determined points) and detecting the errors it is appropriate to use a technique that will be further demonstrated in a real situation of the trilateration LGN (fig. 1) with a massive
more » ... ontamination of the simulated errors in the measured elements and numerically determined values.