Turnaround Time For Issuing Blood Products in Emergency-A Prospective Real Time Study in a Regional Blood Transfusion Centre

Ramanathan, Shaiji, K Usha
2017 International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research   unpublished
Turnaround time (TAT) is one of the key performance indicator of laboratory services. In transfusion services it is more important due to involvement of emergency cases often. We analyzed the TAT in issuing blood units using Immediate Spin Crossmatch (ISCM) in our institution and also tried to identify the factors which leads to increased TAT which can be rectified for a better performance. Material and Methods:125 cases requesting ISCM over a period of one month were observed by a team of
more » ... tigators used standardized electronic timers and Turnaround Time was noted. Standard TAT was fixed as 30 minutes. Reasons for increased TAT were determined by Root Cause analysis. Results: Emergency requests were commonly sent from surgical departments (64%) and majority were finished in a TAT of 11-35 minutes. However, a good number of cases (47.2%) extended beyond standard TAT. Main causes for delay was improper filling of request, inadequate sample labeling, manpower shortage and request for multiple blood products simultaneously. Conclusion: In spite of the continual emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction, it is a challenge to maintain Turnaround Time within acceptable limits even in emergencies. On physician side, training and mechanisms for prompt detection of errors in filling up requests and sample processing is essential. On lab side better work force management and well defined and well-practiced SOPs for sample identification, attending enquiries, managing multiple requests etc. may help in future.