Visualizing diffusion-weighted MRI data using collaborative virtual environment and grid technologies

A. Steed, D. Alexander, P. Cook, C. Parker
Proceedings of Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics, 2003.  
We describe a collaborative virtual environment system for visualization of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging scans. The system represents the 3D data by arrays of polyhedra, coloured by the degree of anisotropy and directed by the principal component of the diffusion tensor. Users can then collaboratively explore the data and interactively spawn tractography procesess that compute tracks that depict white matter fibre pathways through the brain. These tracks are computed on a Grid service
more » ... on a Grid service currently supporting 72 nodes on a Beowulf cluster.
doi:10.1109/tpcg.2003.1206943 dblp:conf/tpcg/SteedACP03 fatcat:ymkz2gpxzfdvxeersxhipmvuky