Address of the President Sir William Bragg, O.M., at the Anniversary Meeting, 30 November 1938

1938 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
While still young Hutchinson made a name for himself by brilliant researches on the chemistry and crystallography of stokesite and other minerals. He devised a stereographic projector and a slide rule which are much used by students of crystallography: and he was skilful in the con struction of crystal models and lecture-room apparatus. As a teacher in the University of Cambridge he was highly successful: though it was not until 1926 th at he became Professor of Mineralogy, his work had long
more » ... is work had long been of professorial standing. When the use of X-ray methods from 1914 onwards opened up a new crystal science, he at once attached himself to its ways and aided its development. He designed his instruments afresh. He devoted his energies towards the organization of his Department to meet the altered needs in teaching and research. He was a devoted servant to Science, an excellent investigator, an able teacher and one of the kindest and most loyal of friends. George H e n r y F a l k in e r N u t ta l l was born in San Francisco in 1862. He was educated in England, France, Germany and Switzerland, and to this cosmopolitan upbringing he owed his ability to speak several languages. He returned to America in 1878 and obtained the degree of M.D. at the University of California in 1884. N uttall's scientific work covered a very wide field; in addition to several hooks, he published numerous papers on bacteriology, serology, hygiene, tropical medicine and parasitology. His outstanding achievement was the discovery that the blood and other body fluids of animals possess bactericidal power, a discovery which laid the foundations of all work on serum antitoxins. In 1904 he published his classical monograph Blood immunity and blood relationship; this investi iS Vol. CX X V I. B. (9 D ecem ber 1938) [ 263 ]
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