A Debt-Aware Learning Approach for Resource Adaptations in Cloud Elasticity Management [article]

Carlos Mera-Gómez, Francisco Ramírez, Rami Bahsoon, Rajkumar Buyya
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Elasticity is a cloud property that enables applications and its execution systems to dynamically acquire and release shared computational resources on demand. Moreover, it unfolds the advantage of economies of scale in the cloud through a drop in the average costs of these shared resources. However, it is still an open challenge to achieve a perfect match between resource demand and provision in autonomous elasticity management. Resource adaptation decisions essentially involve a trade-off
more » ... een economics and performance, which produces a gap between the ideal and actual resource provisioning. This gap, if not properly managed, can negatively impact the aggregate utility of a cloud customer in the long run. To address this limitation, we propose a technical debt-aware learning approach for autonomous elasticity management based on a reinforcement learning of elasticity debts in resource provisioning; the adaptation pursues strategic decisions that trades off economics against performance. We extend CloudSim and Burlap to evaluate our approach. The evaluation shows that a reinforcement learning of technical debts in elasticity obtains a higher utility for a cloud customer, while conforming expected levels of performance.
arXiv:1702.07431v1 fatcat:d3fbejh2qzf3hmm2buwdc2shdm