A New Sweetpotato Variety 'Dahomi' for Table Use

Hyeong-Un Lee, Mi-Nam Chung, Joon-Seol Lee, Yeon-Sang Song, Seon-Kyeong Han, Jae-Myung Kim, Seung-Hyun Ahn, Sang-Sik Nam, Hag-Sin Kim, Sae-Jung Suh, Kwang-Geun Park
2015 Korean Journal of Breeding Science  
Dahomi', a new sweetpotato variety, was developed for table use by the sweetpotato breeding team of Bioenergy Crop Research Institute, National Institute of Crop Science (NICS), RDA in 2012. This variety was derived from the cross between 'Muan4' and 'Jinhongmi' in 2005. The seedling and line selections were performed from 2007 to 2008, preliminary and advanced yield trials were carried out from 2009 to 2010, and the regional yield trials was conducted at five locations from 2011 to 2012 and it
more » ... was named as 'Dahomi'. This variety has three or five lobes leaf, green leaf, stem, and petiole. Storage root of 'Dahomi' was elliptic, red skin, light orange flesh. This variety is resistant to fusarium wilt, but susceptible to root-knot nematode. Texture of steamed storage root was intermediate, and degree Brix of steamed storage root was 24.8 °Brix. The total sugar content of raw and steamed storage root was 9.7, 32.0/100 dry weight (g), respectively, which was higher than that of 'Yulmi. Storage root yield of 'Dahomi' was 26.3 MT/ha under the early seasonal cultivation, which was 52% higher than that of 'Yulmi'. Storage root yield of 'Dahomi' was 21.9 MT/ha under the optimum and late seasonal cultivation, which was 35% higher than that of 'Yulmi'. The number of storage roots over 50 g per plant was 2.8 and the average weight of storage root was 138 g under the optimum and late seasonal cultivation.
doi:10.9787/kjbs.2015.47.3.324 fatcat:2vnblh52ljfyrpfmwcugcwwmui