Positions, lifetimes, and partial widths of metastable quasienergy states by solving the time‐dependent complex‐scaled Schrödinger equation

Nir Ben‐Tal, Nimrod Moiseyev, Claude Leforestier, Ronnie Kosloff
1991 Journal of Chemical Physics  
The method presented here is based on the solution of the time-dependent complex-scaled Schrodinger equation to provide the complex-scaled evolution operator after one optical cycle. This method is mainly suitable in the study of multiphoton ionization or dissociation under the influence of high intense fields. An illustrative numerical example is given. ever, as we shall show in Sec. II, the effect of the complex
doi:10.1063/1.460215 fatcat:nkn2ar6aw5dqblhnmiqiflxmpi