1908 Archives of Internal Medicine  
During the past two years a large number of eases of hyperthyroidism have been treated with a specific serum.1 Preliminary papers" have been published dealing with the preparation of the scrum and the therapeutic results obtained by its use. In the present paper we propose to discuss the questions arising from Ulis study from the standpoint of accumulated experience and it is hoped to make the method so plain that any physician may understand the rationale of the treatment and the special
more » ... to 1)0 observed in its application. There are two fundamental propositions to be considered, viz., the nature of the serum and the nature of the dis¬ ease. These will be considered in order. the s . We have called the serum which we have used specific because we believe that it lias a special action on the thyroid gland, and it is neces¬ sary for the argument that the grounds for such belief should be re¬ viewed. It is now a well-known and universally admitted fact that the proteid of each animal species has a characteristic physico-chemical structure; in other words, it is specific. The chemical methods by which differences in structure are determined have not as yet been refined to a sufficient extent to render it possible to make a chemical distinction between proteids from closely related species of animals, but the methods employed in immunity investigations of the last few years have been thus refined and their reliability has been demonstrated in such degree that the results obtained by these methods are accepted by most investi¬ gators as demonstrating specific characters of the proteid in each animal species. This specificity is not absolute, for it has been found that a *This article represents the Jliitter Lecture which was delivered before the College of Physicians in Philadelphia. Dec. l.'i. 1907. 1. It will be recalled that the serum to which we refer is made by inoculating animals (rabbits or sheep), with the pure proteids from the human thyroid gland. In the beginning the proteids were, obtained only from goitrous glands, but more recently the proteids from normal glands have been used successfully.
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