Mathematics Teachers' Needs, Evaluations and Expectations of Professional Development Programs*

Mehmet Fatih Özmantar, Sevcan Önala, Assoc
2017 unpublished
The aim of this study is to designate the mathematics teachers' needs, evaluations and expectations of inservice training programs that constitute an important dimension of teacher professional development. This is a descriptive study and adopts a survey method. Participants of the study were 214 mathematics teachers employed in state schools. Of them, 104 were working in high schools and 110 in middle schools. Data were collected via a questionnaire with openended items. The written responses
more » ... f the participants were subject to content analysis. Through the analysis, the topics that participants received training as well as stated needs within and outside of their field (i.e. mathematics education) were determined; their evaluations and expectations of the training programs were put forth; and the favoured personal and professional qualities of the trainers were ascertained. The findings regarding each one of these issues are discussed with regard to the features of effective professional development programs. It is concluded that the participants' evaluations and expectations match, to a great extent, with the features of effective professional development programs.