An Investigation of Students' Spiritual Vitality at Golestan University of Medical Sciences

Leyla Jouybari, Mahin Nomali, Akram Sanagoo, Behzad Taghvakish
and Purpose: Spirituality is part of the psycho-spiritual dimension and encourages a feeling of piety in an individual. One can feel overjoyed and blessed if his/her main concern in life is to attain true intimacy with God. The purpose of this study was to determine students' experiences and perspectives about spiritual vitality at Golestan University of Medical Sciences in 2011. Materials and Methods: In this qualitative study, 50 students were recruited via purposeful sampling by considering
more » ... aximum variety and data saturation. For data collection, semi-structured interviews were conducted. The interviews were transcribed word by word and were analyzed through content analysis. Informed consent forms (about enrollment in the study and voice recording) were obtained from the participants. Results: Based on data analysis, major themes including "intimacy with God", "freshness and vitality", "calmness", "activities affecting spiritual vitality", and "real and perpetual vitality" were extracted. Conclusion: The students could experience a sense of spiritual vitality if they were able to establish a close relationship with God and act based on His will.