Analysis of Liquid Flow and Mixing in an Oscillatory Flow Reactor Provided with 2D Smooth Periodic Constrictions

F. Almeida, F. Rocha, A. Ferreira
2018 U Porto Journal of Engineering  
In this research paper the residence time distribution (RTD) was monitored for a range of fluid oscillation, frequency, amplitude and flow rate in two oscillatory flow reactors (OFR) provided with 2D smooth periodic constrictions (2D-SPC) with different designs. It was studied the axial liquid dispersion using axial dispersion model and the mixing efficiency using tank-in-series model for continuous mode. Two cases, with and without fluid oscillation, were studied and determined the optimum
more » ... ned the optimum conditions to ensure a close plug flow, an efficient mixing and a low axial liquid dispersion. The optimum operation conditions for the two 2D-SPC designs were found. Moreover, the effect of open cross-sectional area (a) on mixing and axial dispersion was also investigated. For low cross-sectional area values the mixing is higher. It was observed that fluid oscillation increases the mixing intensity even at lower flow rates, and the axial dispersion increases as the flow rate increases.
doi:10.24840/2183-6493_004.002_0001 fatcat:jd4oryoiavd7rdzlirj7yseoxi