JSE 30:1 Editorial

Stephen Braude
2016 Journal of Scientific Exploration  
For SSE members fascinated by well-documented accounts of strong macro-PK phenomena, these are very exciting times. Three outstanding volumes have appeared in fairly short order, each of which is a major addition to the literature. The first to appear was Zofia Weaver's book on the Polish medium Franek Kluski (Weaver 2015), reviewed in JSE 29:3. Shortly thereafter, Erlendur Haraldsson and Loftur Gissurarson published their detailed opus on the Icelandic medium Indridi Indridason (Haraldsson &
more » ... son (Haraldsson & Gissurarson 2015), reviewed in JSE 29:4. And then most recently, we've seen Michael Grosso's long-awaited examination of the seventeenth-century flying friar, St. Joseph of Copertino, carrying the additional imprimatur of a respected academic press (Grosso 2016). It will be reviewed in the next issue (JSE 30:2).
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