Approximation of the Fixed Point of the Product of Two Operators in Banach Algebras with Applications to Some Functional Equations

Khaled Ben Amara, Maria Isabel Berenguer, Aref Jeribi
2022 Mathematics  
Making use of the Boyd-Wong fixed point theorem, we establish a new existence and uniqueness result and an approximation process of the fixed point for the product of two nonlinear operators in Banach algebras. This provides an adequate tool for deriving the existence and uniqueness of solutions of two interesting type of nonlinear functional equations in Banach algebras, as well as for developing an approximation method of their solutions. In addition, to illustrate the applicability of our results we give some numerical examples.
doi:10.3390/math10224179 fatcat:kcatqiv2yvgnjbq5ampxndba7i