How Do the Cultural Dimensions of Climate Shape Our Understanding of Climate Change?

Jason Alexandra
2021 Climate  
Climatic events express the dynamics of the Earth's oceans and atmosphere, but are profoundly personal and social in their impacts, representation and comprehension. This paper explores how knowledge of the climate has multiple scales and dimensions that intersect in our experience of the climate. The climate is objective and subjective, scientific and cultural, local and global, and personal and political. These divergent dimensions of the climate frame the philosophical and cultural
more » ... of a dynamic climate. Drawing on research into the adaptation in Australia's Murray Darling Basin, this paper outlines the significance of understanding the cultural dimensions of the changing climate. This paper argues for greater recognition of the ways in which cultures co-create the climate and, therefore, that the climate needs to be recognised as a socio-natural hybrid. Given the climate's hybrid nature, research should aim to integrate our understanding of the social and the natural dimensions of our relationships to a changing climate.
doi:10.3390/cli9040063 fatcat:w2bh5fcuh5bexgucnndkb7xkue