Dopuszczalność i charakter prawny instytucji prokury łącznej niewłaściwej w świetle nowelizacji kodeksu cywilnego z dnia 16 grudnia 2016 r

Anna Grzywacz
2017 Studenckie Prace Prawnicze, Administratywistyczne i Ekonomiczne  
Admissibility and the legal nature of inappropriate joint procuration in the light of the amendment of the Civil Code of 16 December 2016This article describes the institution of the power of attorney in a company and the changes in the way of representation of the company introduced by the amendment of the Civil Code of 16 December 2016. In the light of the latest regulations, the construction of the inappropriate joint procuration has become admissible. The author presents the most important
more » ... ulings of the Supreme Court and analyzes the consequences of this change. Determining how a company should be represented is fundamental to businessman and has arisen lots of controversies in the past years.
doi:10.19195/1733-5779.21.9 fatcat:mxi6eoluonctvmcp4gak33uuzi