Temporal Stretching of Laser Pulses [chapter]

Rajeev Khare, Paritosh K.
2010 Coherence and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Emission  
Based on the physics and technology, the techniques of temporal stretching of laser pulses can be broadly classified into four categories; (a) optical pulse stretching, (b) pulse stretching by intracavity nonlinear materials (c) electronic pulse stretching and (d) pulse stretching by dispersion. Optical pulse stretching The technique of optical pulse stretching uses a configuration of optical elements that split the amplitude of the incident laser pulse and introduce optical delays among them
more » ... delays among them and also recombine the temporally delayed portions of the pulse to provide a temporally stretched laser pulse. These optical pulse stretchers are generally passive and configured external to the laser system for temporal stretching of nanosecond long laser pulses. Several types of optical components can be configured in different ways in optical pulse stretchers to obtain temporal pulse stretching. A typical optical pulse stretcher is an optical ring cavity formed by several 100% reflecting mirrors and at least one partially reflecting beam-splitter.
doi:10.5772/12856 fatcat:vgs6n5dtmjbyff6l3x5pqdq43y