Songs as A Tool of Resistance in The Namibian Path to Freedom

2016 Applied Science Reports  
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the contribution of songs known as revolutionary songs or freedom songs during the liberation struggle of the Namibian people. These songs were composed and sung by the freedom fighters and the communities in SWAPO settlements abroad and inside the country. In the Namibian context, songs are considered to constitute the third front of the struggle, the first being the armed front and the second the diplomatic front. Songs were utilised to mobilise
more » ... sed to mobilise people inside Namibia to leave the country and join the struggle abroad, and at the same time mobilise international opinion to support the Namibian people in their struggle for liberation, and to isolate the South African regime during the apartheid era in Namibia. The paper will also discuss several songs about those who were the initiator of the liberation struggle of Namibia. This paper is based on qualitative research. Data was collected through one-to -one interviews and a questionnaire attached as appendix. The questionnaire which was given to the correspondents consisted of five questions. The respondents were divided into three groups as follows: The first group consisted of political leaders and political activists both from inside and outside Namibia during the struggle of liberation. The second group consisted of members of the society who had been in exile, and those who had remained inside the country. The third group was composed of the young people called born free, who were born after independence and who did not experience the atrocities of colonialism and oppression.
doi:10.15192/pscp.asr.2016.16.2.122126 fatcat:z44qri2xfzhfrii6ujcw2qvok4