Ministers and Civil Servants Relations in India: An Evaluation

Rajbir Singh Dalal, Ekta Chahal
2016 International Research Journal of Engineering IT & Scientific Research  
In parliamentary form of government, like in India, there exists two types of executives i.e. political or elected and permanent executive. Political executive derives its power from people and enjoys the power by virtue of constitutional position, while permanent executive or civil servant is selected on merit basis and accumulate its power due to administrative position and technical expertise. System of a democratic government is based on the principle of popular sovereignty where in the
more » ... eme rests in people or their elected representative. Political executive or Minister is assisted by civil servant. A balanced relationship between them is essential for smooth and efficient functioning of government. Minister and civil servant act as two pillars of parliamentary form of government and weakness of any one of them will adversely affect the performance of government. Theoretically political and permanent executives perform different role in government but in practice their work is often overlapping and difficult to differentiate it.
doi:10.21744/irjeis.v2i3.39 fatcat:hexkcmxijbcn3af5rhj5v4kt2a