Imaging in compressed domain using dreamlets

Ru‐Shan Wu, Bangyu Wu, Yu Geng
2009 Beijing 2009 International Geophysical Conference and Exposition, Beijing, China, 24–27 April 2009   unpublished
The objective of this paper is to further investigate the theory and algorithm of wave propagation and imaging in the dreamlet domain for direct application of compressed seismic data. In our former work, dreamlet shows great application potential in efficient representation of seismic data. Based on the combination of dreamlet compression and wave propagation theory, we discuss one-way dreamlet wave propagation and imaging in terms of data processing in the compressed domain, that allows us to
more » ... , that allows us to process only a few percentage of the decomposition coefficients of the whole data set to get the accurate imaging result. By using a 5-layer velocity model as numerical example, we show that the dreamlet coefficients of the seismic data is also decreasing with the depth of migration in the receiver side, meanwhile the imaging quality using the compressed data remains in a similar accuracy.
doi:10.1190/1.3603737 fatcat:xs2aiunzr5hdtl5uysnitx7kce