Watershed segmentation of an image enhanced by Teager energy driven diffusion

D. De Vleesschauwer
1997 6th International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications   unpublished
In this paper we study a non-linear diffusion process to reduce the influence of noise in the watershed segmentation of an image. Instead of the squared amplitude of the gradient that is traditionally used to drive the non-linear diffusion, we use the Teager energy, which is known to be less sensitive to noise. To evaluate the performance of the segmentation processes studied in this paper, we introduce an objective measure to assess the quality of a segmentation when the ground truth
more » ... und truth segmentation is known. With this objective performance measure we determine the optimal parameters of the Teager energy driven nonlinear diffusion process.
doi:10.1049/cp:19970894 fatcat:32culfefmncfnifmdbevn76rk4