Glycolysis and Tumor Growth

J. C. Krantz, R. Musser, C. J. Carr, W. G. Harne
1937 The American Journal of Cancer  
I t was established by Warburg (1) that tumor tissue exhibits abnormal metabolism in that it obtains most of its energy from glycolysis rather than from the usual gaseous exchange; also that tumor cells enjoy a greater independence of adequate oxygen supply than normal cells. This work has been confirmed by Crabtree (2) and others. It occurred to the authors to study the influence of diminished available hexose intake and of anti-glycolytic agents upon tumor growth in rats. Accordingly the
more » ... ccordingly the first series of experiments here recorded is concerned with the effect of a low available hexose diet on Walker sarcoma 319 (3) ; the second group deals with the effect of the anti-glycolytic agent, the fluoride ion (4), on the same neoplasm. Material for implantation was obtained by mincing small pieces of tissue, Walker sarcoma 319, taken from the capsule of a well developed tumor with the animal under light surgical anesthesia. The cells were implanted subcutaneously in the anterior axillary region, aseptically, by means of a trocar. In all instances male rats were employed; their weights varied from 90 to 150 grams. Inflammatory changes in tissue owing to the trauma of inoculation disappeared in most instances within one week. In series one, a ration consisting of Castile soap 43 parts, cod-liver oil 10 parts, yeast extract 2 parts, casein 14 parts, and salt mixture 6 parts, was used as a basal diet. T o the ration of the test animals was added sodium lactate 25 parts, and to the food of the control animals dextrose 25 parts. Two per cent of ethyl alcohol was added to the drinking water of the test animals to supply the additional energy. In series two, both controls and test animals were fed the ordinary laboratory ration. The test animals received varying doses of sodium fluoride daily by intraperitoneal injection. The results of the experiments are set forth in Tables 1-111.
doi:10.1158/ajc.1937.332 fatcat:jyee7nb32jhdtehhj22dxyymty