Safety and Addiction of Women Focused on the Drinking Problem

이보혜, 이해국, 이수비
There has been a lot of socioeconomic change in Korean society in recent several decades. The increase of the entering the workforce among women and the marketing activity targeting women by alcohol company have made the drinking rate of women increased. These increase of drinking rate among women especially young age group finally result in the increase of the health consequences and the victimization of violence and accidents among women. Actually, the rate of binge drinking and alcohol use
more » ... g and alcohol use disorders among women has increased from 4.6% to 6.3% and from 4.8% to 5.7% respectively in recent 5 years, whereas those among men remain stable. These increase of drinking among women has followed by the increase of prevalence of the various health consequences such as the alcoholic liver disease and breast cancers. The one of the most serious case of the health consequences of alcohol is the fetal alcohol syndrome which is developed by maternal drinking. The recent survey conducted in Korea shows the rate of the fetal alcohol syndrome was substantial compared to those of the western countries. Alcohol causes the problem of safety among women as well as health consequences. The disinhibition effect by alcohol cause the women place the high risk situation. The number of rape victim by the person under the influence of alcohol has increased recently. Further, the recent research showed that drinking women could be more vulnerable to domestic violence. In conclusion, it is evident that the increase of drinking rate of alcohol among women threaten the health and safety of women herself. To prevent alcohol consequences regarding health and safety among women, we need to develope the evidence based alcohol policy such as public anti advertising activity, screening and brief intervention, specialized treatment facility.
doi:10.21896/jksmch.2014.18.1.47 fatcat:6asmgy5lk5f3bk2aqzg3tlztja