CTCF terminal segments are unstructured

Selena R. Martinez, JJ L. Miranda
2010 Protein Science  
The human CCCTC-binding factor, CTCF, organizes and regulates transcription of the genome by colocalizing distant DNA elements on the same and even different chromosomes. This protein consists of 11 zinc fingers flanked by polypeptide segments of unknown structure and function. We purified recombinant terminal fragments and observed that both are extended, monomeric, and predominantly consist of unordered content. We thus speculate that the role of the terminal extensions, and perhaps all of
more » ... F, is to act as a scaffold for the assembly of other proteins on a specific binding site.
doi:10.1002/pro.367 pmid:20196073 pmcid:PMC2868253 fatcat:7fwmvlaa3bhwjmyzhjlmerxxhe