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Vasanth Patil, Sathish Kumar, Sathish Correspondence, Kumar, Vasanth Patil, Sathish Kumar
2015 unpublished
Elucidation and identification of mechanisms underlying a dysregulation of major components of the stress response system particularly in humans, is a very challenging task. Saliva sampling has the advantage that it is non-invasive, making multiple sampling easy and stress free. We examined the effects of pathological conditions, psychological stressor and soother on the salivary amylase levels in different aged subjects preferably young adults, and compared the characteristics of parameters
more » ... e difference in enzyme activity between different aged subjects under normal condition, difference in the enzyme activity between patients under various pathological conditions, students under demanding conditions and healthy subjects under psychological stress. Compared to base line data generated statistically the subjects under various stressor situation found to have higher enzyme activity with no significant difference in flow rate. Salivary amylase level was more significantly increased and reacted more rapidly by psychological stressor, suggesting that it is a better index of stress. Furthermore, it is suggested that the enzyme is a soothing or relaxation index.