Functional characterization of L-tryptophan transport across mammalian cornea

Mahendra Singh Rathore, Vipin Bihari Gupta
2010 International Journal of Drug Delivery  
In last few years transporter targeted drug delivery has drawn attention of research to identify and explore various nutrient transport systems including amino acid transporters for better drug delivery. The aim of present research work is to investigate the transport characteristics of L-tryptophan (L-try) across goat cornea. Transport of L-try was investigated using a glass diffusion cell for effect of concentration, pH, presence of other amino acids or metabolic inhibitor or dipeptide and
more » ... or dipeptide and tripeptide. The amount of L-try transported increased as the pH of L-try aqueous solution increased from 5 to 9. Inhibition was observed in L-try transport in absence of sodium ions where L-try solution was made isotonic with dextrose. Amino acids like L-histidine, L-arginine, L-lysine (cationic), L-glutamic acid, L-aspartic acid (anionic), glycine and L-proline (neutral) inhibited the L-try transport as compared to control (L-try alone). In presence of sodium azide and Ouabain the inhibition in L-try transport across goat cornea was observed while no marked inhibition was observed on L-try transport across goat cornea in presence of aspartame and glutathione. The L-try transport was favored up to concentration 1% w/v and at higher pH in presence of sodium ions through excised goat cornea. Functional presence of a sodium dependent L-try transport system as inhibited by ouabain having affinity to cationic and neutral amino acid is evident on goat cornea.
doi:10.5138/ijdd.2010.0975.0215.02036 fatcat:udfcx33gzfg77lijjwuf2klrwi