Disaster Imagination Game at Izunokuni City for preparedness for a huge Nankai Trough earthquake

Youichi Yanagawa, Ikuto Takeuchi, Kei Jitsuiki, Toshihiko Yoshizawa, Kouhei Ishikawa, Kazuhiko Omori, Hiromichi Osaka, Koichi Sato, Naoki Mitsuhashi, Jun Mihara, Ken Ono
2016 Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences  
The Disaster Imagination Game (DIG) is a newly developed method for disaster drills based on the knowledge of the Commanding Post Exercises of the Japan Self Defense Force, which uses maps and transparent overlay. The Izunokuni City office held a local liaison meeting for disaster medical care. The related organizations shared all information and confirmed the cooperating system for the huge disaster. In addition to providing information of various hazards created by the huge Nankai trough
more » ... Nankai trough earthquake, the DIG was performed by the participants. The worst case scenario for such a huge Nankai Trough earthquake would be for a magnitude 9-class earthquake to hit the central and western parts of Japan. After this procedure, the local citizen recognized the importance of self-help and mutual assistance. In addition, vitalization of self or public transportations was an increasingly important task because multiple roads could not be utilized due to quake liquefaction damage or landslides. After exchanging ideas and participating in the DIG, the participants deepened their understanding on relief activities. In addition, the DIG resulted in understanding between each participant and building face-to-face relationships, and the most important factor for disaster relief was accomplished.
doi:10.21276/sjams.2016.4.6.53 fatcat:nepcvpbxtbdc7bhkjitxu4emha