Intentional action: Controversies, data, and core hypotheses

Alfred R. Mele
2003 Philosophical Psychology  
This article reviews some recent empirical work on lay judgments about what agents do intentionally and intend in various stories and explores its bearing on the philosophical project of providing a conceptual analysis of intentional action. The article is a case study of the potential bearing of empirical studies of a variety of folk concepts on philosophical efforts to analyze those concepts and vice versa. Topics examined include double effect; the influence of moral considerations on
more » ... ts about what is done intentionally and about what is intended; the influence of considerations of luck, skill, and causal deviance on judgments about what agents do intentionally; what interesting properties all cases of intentional action might share; and the debate between proponents of, respectively, "the Simple View" of the connection between intentional action and intention and "the Single Phenomenon View" of that connection.
doi:10.1080/09515080307770 fatcat:5ge4hlsu5zbrfpmupdibirrese