Spin-Nematic and Spin-Density-Wave Orders in Spatially Anisotropic Frustrated Magnets in a Magnetic Field

Masahiro Sato, Toshiya Hikihara, Tsutomu Momoi
2013 Physical Review Letters  
We develop a microscopic theory of finite-temperature spin-nematic orderings in three-dimensional spatially anisotropic magnets consisting of weakly-coupled frustrated spin-1/2 chains with nearest-neighbor and next-nearest-neighbor couplings in a magnetic field. Combining a field theoretical technique with density-matrix renormalization group results, we complete finite-temperature phase diagrams in a wide magnetic-field range that possess spin-bond-nematic and incommensurate spin-density-wave
more » ... rdered phases. The effects of a four-spin interaction are also studied. The relevance of our results to quasi-one-dimensional edge-shared cuprate magnets such as LiCuVO4 is discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.110.077206 pmid:25166403 fatcat:kalkemkqajaalcedqtlci5n5uq